Dads-to-Be Supporting The Mother Of Your Child

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

First and foremost, congratulations on your bundle of joy! As a Dad-to-be your brain is probably racing. You’re most likely feeling excited, scared, stressed, happy, and anxious all the same time. Thoughts of "would you be a good dad" is constantly runs through your mind. "What if I mess up", "will I be able to provide for my family", "will I still be able to go out and hang with the guys", and "will I be a good dad" are just some of thoughts racing through a Dad-to-be mind during and after the pregnancy. This is all normal and I promise you it will be OK. Talk with your significant other about your fears and work together to calm both of your fears as new parents.

However, planning for the baby is not the only anxiety Dads-to-Be experience. They are also worried about the mother of their child. Pregnancy can be rough, and a lot of Dads may feel lost, confused and helpless when it comes to trying to be supportive of their pregnant significant other, especially during the first trimester. The 1st trimester can be daunting for pregnant women. They are tired, nauseous, restless and overall do not feel like their themselves. During this time many Dads-to-Be empathize for the mother of their child, they want to help provide relief but may be clueless on how they can help. Well here are some quick tips that may be helpful:

  1. Peppermint Lifesavers are, well lifesavers, for nauseous pregnant women.

  2. If she has insomnia Unisom is safe during pregnancy and will not only help the Mom-To-Be sleep. Along with B6 it can also help with nausea as well

  3. A nice face mask may also help her sleep throughout he night

  4. She may began to become forgetful, a pregnancy journal may help you both keep track of the milestones and memories of the pregnancy

  5. Her pregnancy brain (yes that is an actual thing) may have her forget to take or replace her prenatal vitamins. Of course don’t hover and force her to take them. But you can be a friendly reminder

  6. Additional helping out around the house by cleaning, washing clothes, cooking/ordering out can go a long way (and might even get you some brownie points)

Majority of these helpful items can be found in the Baby on the Go, 1st Trimester Survival Kit. This would make a great gift for moms-to-be trying to get through all of the ups and downs of the 1st trimester.

Regardless of your fears and concerns know that you are not alone and the fact that you are worried and thinking about the mother of your child and future baby only comes confirms you are already an amazing dad!

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