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My name is Charnice Edwards and I am the founder and CEO of Baby on the Go.  I initially started this company when my husband and I were pregnant with our son.  During my first trimester, my husband was excited but also felt helpless when trying to assist me with my morning (really all-day) sickness.  That is why I decided to start Baby on the Go.  


Baby on the Go is an online gift shop for expecting parents.  Whether you’re a father-to-be, a family member, friend or just want a gift for yourself, Baby on the Go has a gift for you.  We offer Pregnancy Edition and Baby Edition for gifts for expecting mothers and/or a new bundle of joy.


Though my husband and I losses our son during our second trimester I decided to continue to launch my business because I saw the benefit of how these gifts could help others.  I also added the Angel Wings box to give a gift of condolences to mothers who have experienced a miscarriage.  There are never any words to truly say sorry for your loss, but the hope is that Angle Wings gift box will help provide solace to the mothers who’s lost a baby.


Additionally, we understand that there are some parents-to-be experiencing hardships.  Everyone needs help every now and again.  As a result, Baby on the Go will donate 2 gift boxes a month to a parent-in-need.


The goal of Baby on the Go is to create a community while providing a quick and easy way to give back and offer great and useful pregnancy and/or baby gifts to a loved one.  

If you get a chance also check out our Parenting section with parenting tips and parent group chats to discuss and provide advice to other parents around the world. 

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